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Understanding Wood Flooring in Mellissa, TX

Nothing adds value and beauty to your house like a real wood floor. From classic smooth finishes to hand scrapped rustic, wood is the best choice when it comes to setting a new floor. The oak varieties also come in a wide range of colors.

Wood Flooring in Mellissa, TX

Types of wood floors
before deciding on the kind of floor to put in your house, it is important to understand the features of different kinds of levels. The types of wood floors include:Solid wood floors – They are made by milling one piece of wood lumber. The entire floor system is made up of real wood.

Engineered wood floors – These floors are fitted with a layer of real wood on top of other wood layers fused with heat and pressure. They are very stable because they have a strong core. Engineered floors are more cost efficient than solid wood floors in Melissa.

Unfinished wood flooring – This can be a good choice when you want to customize the floor. After installation and stalling, the floor can be given several coats of protective finish according to your preferences.

Pre-finished wood flooring – This type of flooring comes from the factory when it is already sanded and sealed. The whole installation job takes a shorter time.

Importance of wood flooring
Wood flooring is the most common eco-friendly type of floor. With sustainable forest management practices, we can harvest wood without negatively impacting the environment. The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service notes that the current annual growth rate of wood is greater than the average annual rate of removal. Trees can be used for a long time because they are a renewable resource.

Different initiatives have also stated the health benefits of wood flooring. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends the use of wood floors. This is because wood floors allow for easy removal of asthma triggers such as dust and do not produce odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Wood flooring in Mellissa, TX is also recommended by the National Association of Home Builders. The association indicates that just like any other floor, wood floors can last for over a hundred years without the need for replacement. Therefore, forest resources will not be misused because trees take an average forty years to mature.

Wood floors are also robust and durable. A kiln-dried wood floor finished with high standards may last longer than floors such as tiles, carpet, and vinyl. The appearance of wood floors improves with time while that of the other floors deteriorates.

Manufacturers use wood for stable and uniform fitting floors. These floors are easier to clean because they do not collect a lot of dirt. Wood floors bring out the natural beauty of wood which never goes out of style. Home buyers will find it so appealing, therefore, increasing the chances of a faster sale at a higher price.

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