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Four Benefits of Installing Tile in Your McKinney, Texas Home

Tile McKinney, TX

Tile flooring is one of the most versatile, durable and easy to maintain materials that you can choose for your home. A tile floor can be installed in just a few days, but its long lifespan means that it will retain its beauty and functionality for decades. When you are considering updating the flooring in your house, tile McKinney, TX, is a great choice. When you are preparing to update your home’s flooring, keep in mind these four ideal traits of a tile floor.

A tile floor is designed to last for decades. Compared to other flooring materials, tiles do not degrade because of daily foot traffic. While a carpeted floor will quickly become compressed and start to shed its fibers, a tile floor performs just as well after ten years as it did on the day that it was installed. The tiles also maintain their aesthetic appeal for a long time, ensuring that your home remains attractive to you and your visitors.

A hardwood floor has to be sealed and waxed about once per year to protect the lumber. Carpeting has to be vacuumed every few days and steam cleaned every couple of months. With a tile floor, all that you need to do is sweep it with a regular broom and mop it about once per week. This ease of care also saves you money. You can do the sweeping and mopping yourself, or have your house cleaning service do it for you. There is no need to hire a specialty floor cleaning service when you have tile flooring.

If you have children or pets, or host frequent guests, you know that it is important to have a floor that performs well under pressure. Children spill things, guests may drop their glasses of wine and pets may drag in all sorts of messes. A dog’s or cat’s nails and claws can also wreak havoc on some types of flooring. When you have a tile floor, you will enjoy its high-performance resiliency. The tiles resist stains, scuffs and scratches.

The summer heat in Texas means that your air conditioner gets a workout. A tile floor is naturally cool. This helps to lower your home’s air conditioning costs because the flooring does not absorb heat from the air. The tiles will be cool and comfortable to walk on, even in your bare feet. Your family pets will also notice this comfort, and you may even find that the dog or cat stretches out to take a nap on the cool and smooth surface of the tiles.

Tile McKinney, TX, is a natural choice for any style or size of a home. You can have the tile flooring strategically placed in the high-traffic areas, such as entryways, bathrooms and the


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