(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

Why Choose Solid Hardwood Tiles?


Hardwood tile floors are among the top choices for renovating homes or commercial spaces in McKinney, Texas because it is durable and stylish. It is also believed to provide a sense of permanence to any room. Business establishments with hardwood flooring also get a reassuring professional look while homes get that warm and welcoming feel.

Solid Hardwood vs. Wood-like Flooring

If you’re one who does a lot of renovations, you would know how solid hardwood floors and wood-look tiles have often been compared because of their impeccable resemblance. As the name states, wood-look tiles are made to mimic the same earthy hue of the wood floors minus the texture.

Laminate FlooringWhile some go for wood-look tiles because of its price, many still remain loyal to the genuine hardwood flooring because after all, there is nothing better that getting the real thing. Here are some of the reasons why we believe solid hardwood users are at an advantage:

1) Durability

Some wood-look users claim that their tiles are more durable than the actual solid hardwood because it is more prone to scratches, dents, cracks, warps, and chips. However, many still believe that when it comes to standing the test of time, solid hardwood still wins. Solid hardwood flooring can last for decades provided that you choose high quality hardwood tile flooring like we provide here at McKinney Flooring And Remodeling.

2) Convenience

In terms of cleaning, some say solid hardwood flooring is notoriously difficult to maintain. However, proper knowledge in hardwood maintenance should take care of dust, dirt, and debris. It is also known to be DIY-er friendly, quality hardwood floors are designed to ensure that they have a uniform and stable fit.

3) Long-Term Investment

Because it lasts long, solid hardwood floors are believed to be a great home investment. In fact, some believe that real estate agents are more likely to sell a house with real wood flooring. And let’s not forget the value it adds to your home. Again, this is a result of the timeless appeal that the wood offers.

4) Hygiene

Since it is easy to maintain, hardwood floors can be considered the most hygienic choice for homes with children. Instead of using carpeting and vinyl to add a warm, homey feel to your otherwise cold abode, install solid hardwood floors and you will surely achieve exactly that—minus the tiring chore of disinfecting carpets all the time. Aside from that, wood does not trap unpleasant odors like carpets do and even emits an aroma that makes you feel one with nature.

5) Affordability

While it was constantly considered an exclusive luxury for the extra wealthy, wood flooring has become available for homeowners with all budgets. Thanks to modern production technology, the same high quality hardwood flooring can be produced at a very low cost.

6) Home Temperature

Solid wood is known to be perfect flooring for homes that have under floor heating, but it also suits homes in the tropics and warm areas like McKinney, Texas.

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