(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

A Quick Guide to Buying Laminate Flooring in Anna, TX


Laminate flooring is your cheaper alternative to hardwood. High-quality laminate flooring can resemble authentic hardwood closely enough and, on a practical level, it is very easy to maintain. All that is required is for you to regularly sweep, dry mop, or wipe it with a damp rag. Therefore, if you want the aesthetic appeal of hardwood minus the high cost and high maintenance, then try Laminate Flooring in Anna, TX. In Anna, TX the climate is described as humid subtropical. Thus, laminate flooring is the practical choice in many homes there, since it is expandable and flexible enough to stand high humidity.

Best DealsHowever, not all Laminate Flooring in Anna, TX is created equal. You should not impulsively purchase just any laminate flooring you can find. There are many considerations at hand, such as pricing, life span, upkeep concerns, and resilience. You must smartly choose what quality of laminate flooring is necessary considering the foot traffic in the area.

Life Span and Warranty Considerations

The life span of laminate flooring depends upon the quality with which it has been manufactured, whether the wear layer is thick and durable enough or not. Another factor is the number of people and how often they will tread on the area. Considering these two basic factors, your laminate flooring can last for five years or up to two decades.

Now, here’s what you need to know before finally purchasing laminate flooring. Unlike natural hardwood, it is synthetic or man-made and thus refinishing the surface is not possible. For serious and unsightly scratches or other forms of damage, replacement is needed. Damage to just one or two boards requires fairly easy replacement, most specifically if the installation process used was click-together and adhesive-free. On the other hand, if the entire floor’s surface ultimately becomes worn out after enduring daily wear-and-tear for years, overall replacement is inevitable.

But worry not. Simply check the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing so that you can know the life expectancy of the product and thus make an informed decision. It should be expected that any Laminate Flooring in Anna, TX that has an extended warranty comes with high-quality and high cost. Also, don’t forget to read the specific terms and conditions of the warranty, making sure to follow installation requirements. Otherwise, your failure to follow these guidelines will get your warranty voided.

Installation Guidelines

Basically, laminate flooring generally has easy and direct installation to any old floor. In other words, you won’t have to spend unnecessarily on removing the old floor before installing laminate flooring. Still, underlayment is needed as subfloor preparation before installment. This can simply be foam or cork, which protects the subfloor from adhesive, makes the laminate flooring more stable, and reduces the hollow stepping sound typical of laminate flooring materials.

Furthermore, testing the subfloor’s moisture is needed prior to laminate flooring installation. This can be accomplished by waiting for heavy rain before taping plastic wrap on to the concrete surface. After three days, look underneath the plastic and check for moisture. If moisture is not an issue, installing a moisture protectant between the subfloor and the laminate would still be wise. If moisture is present, seek professional assistance from flooring specialists. Do visit McKinney Flooring And Remodeling. They provide quality flooring selections and expert installation services.

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