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Backsplashes for Granite Countertops

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

Tips in Choosing the Perfect Backsplash for Your Granite Countertops


Aside from keeping your walls spotless and providing an easy-to-clean surface, backsplashes are also known to make any dull kitchen look stylish. Nowadays, homeowners go for the elegant-looking but durable materials to complete their kitchens such as granite. Granite is one of the most favored materials used in completing any kitchen design because it lends the room an aesthetically rich ambiance with its wide array of colors and texture. This material is often used in kitchen countertops, leaving you with the task of matching it with the perfect backsplashes.

Tips in Choosing Backsplashes for Granite Countertops

Since granite countertops already provides a wide set of colors for your kitchen, it is time to match it with a complementing backsplash to finish the whole ensemble. Here are some ways to do backsplashes for it to complement your  granite countertop:

  1. Echo a Color in the Granite. Since different kinds of granite have different sets of colors, you should consider looking at it closely before having your builder install the backsplash. By doing so, you would be able to see which backsplashes would complement your granite countertops. It’d be better if the backsplash reflects one accent color in the granite. Keeping this in mind, choose a backsplash material whose color is similar to or closely resembles the secondary colors of the granite countertops. By doing so, your backsplash would stand out as it complements the primary colors in your countertop.
  2. Go for the Reverse Color Pattern in the Granite. Some types of granite look better if matched with a backsplash that has the reverse color. This is particularly true to granites that are white with a gray grain. In the same manner, black granite countertops are highlighted better if the backsplashes is made of with classic white and gray marble or marble mimicking tile. Meanwhile, plain white granite best suits backsplashes that have a lighter neutral hue as the primary color with black or dark-colored accents.
  3. Add a Natural Stone or More Granite. Since it is basically stone, granite in your countertops could also work well with backsplashes that has natural stone accents. Among the most popular choices for this are marble, limestone, or slate. Doing so would provide harmony in the kitchen with a touch of elegance.
  4. Choose Opposite Textures. Polished granite countertops will look even better if your backsplash is made with textured stone or matte tile. In the same manner, honed granite would be better matched with a backsplash made with glass or any material that has a glossy finish.
  5. Use Geometric Patterns. Since the colors of granite have no repeating pattern or specific scheme, matching it with geometric patterns should also make for a good-looking kitchen. The stark contrast between tiles installed diagonally in the backsplash provides the perfect complement to solid granite on the countertop.
  6. Add Color. While many types of granite are already colorful, there are some that lean more on the neutral hues like black, white and brown. Bring out the beauty of these colors by matching your granite countertop with brightly-colored backsplashes.
  7. Add Some Light. Even though it cannot be considered practical, putting under-cabinet lights could do wonders for your backsplashes and countertops. Doing this literally highlights your backsplash. Of course, you should go for the cheaper alternative to the traditional fluorescent lights we so adoringly call LED lights.

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