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Tile Flooring in Van AlstyneIf you are on a search for the best tile flooring in Van Alstyne, TX, this is the place where you need to be.
McKinney Flooring And Remodeling is the home for the most trusted and tile flooring products and services in Van Alstyne. If you are planning to have your floors remodeled and up your house’s value, we have a wide array of options that are in store for you.

Why choose tiles?

If you are looking for a type of flooring that is budget-friendly, easy to install, and can give your property the edge it needs, tiles can give you just that.
In general, tile is said to be any solid material that can be placed and patterned over surfaces. This can fall into the categories of stone, porcelain, marble, ceramic, travertine, faux wood, metal, glass, and quartzite.
Why should you choose tiles? Below are the reasons why

Cleaning is a breeze

Floors, be they in the kitchen, bathroom, or living areas, are entitled to accumulate dirt. From time to time, they will get spills and stains. However, if yours is tile flooring, dirt is never a problem. Tile is the easiest material to clean. It is resistant to dirt and grit; thus, you won’t have to buy harmful cleaning agents laden with toxic chemicals to tidy and sanitize. All you need is water and chamois or a mop to remove grime. Or, if you want to up your cleaning, use warm water to disinfect your floor.

Tiles are scratch and water-resistant

Isn’t it annoying to find dents, scratches, and cracks on your floor? Or are you fed up by the constant breaking of tiles on your shower, pool, and kitchen because they do not have better traction due to water exposure? With tile flooring in Van Alstyne, TX, you won’t have an ugly-looking floor anymore. Not only are our tiles of utmost quality, our expert installation team provides the best service there is in the city.

Design choices can be limitless

McKinney Flooring And Remodeling tile flooring in Van Alstyne, TX offer a huge selection of tile designs with limitless variations from palette, texture, shape, and color. With this, you can be wild with your imaginations on how you want your space to look. Tile flooring can also easily adapt to the current design of your room; thus, you won’t have to change the entire look when you want to introduce a new floor into your space.


Aside from being one of the cheapest flooring materials, tiles are easy to maintain (little to no maintenance, really), which will save you thousands of dollars from constant remodeling and fixing of broken tiles. It is fade-resistant, that even after they are exposed to sunlight too long period of time or have been soaked in water, their color just won’t fade away. More importantly, tiles are hypoallergenic. Meaning, mites, mildews, molds, and germs are nonexistent on this material. With this, you are keeping your family from the dangers of respiratory diseases and allergies, which also save you money from medical bills.

Tiles are durable

Strong and resilient, tiles can handle and withstand the daily wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic. Before recognizing their decorative element, the ancient Romans initially utilized tiles solely for their sturdiness and durability.

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