Stone Flooring of McKinney, Tx

Stone Flooring of McKinneyStone flooring McKinney staff are trained in stone flooring installation, installing stone floors as expertly as if they were master stone-craftsmen of old. There is a special feeling about having a stone floor installed in a home or business. Traditionally, stone flooring would be in the entryway to greet all guests to the home in the same way marble may be used in a business or hotel lobby. For a classic yet stylish look, stone flooring takes first place.

Where does the material obtained for stone flooring McKinney come from? Quarries contain the stone which is cut into slabs and polished. The size and thickness will depend on the project; however, diamond-studded cutters are not an unusual way of shaping the rock. While stone is polished in the front, it is ground in the back to be flat or ribbed. The polished side is installed up, and can have a variety of natural looks post-polishing. For example, an almost-mirror or glass surface, a rougher texture, or a smooth but slightly rough surface.

Unique Flooring

Stone flooring McKinney flooring is unique. Because it is a natural material, the rocks are very much individual. While colors can be somewhat matched from stones of the same area, the absolute characteristics and look of one stone can never be identical to another in its normal state. Natural stone flooring should be looked at when dry, although it is often stored in while wet. It is a bit the same as stones in a river may appear very bright until they are dried out on the sand.

Do not use detergent for floor cleaning, nor products containing vinegar, lemon juice, or other acidic ingredients. Abrasive and ammonia based cleaners are also a bad idea for stone flooring as they can dull the luster. If there is a sealant on the stone floor, you will want to protect that as well. Sealants are sometimes used for the more porous types of stone floors.

Cleaning stone floor can be easy but should be done often. Things that could damage a stone flooring McKinney product includes dirt, grit, and sand. This is because they are abrasive, so use a vacuum without a beater bar, a dust mop, or a broom regularly. Stone flooring can be wet mopped as needed. Floor mats covering each side of entrances from the outside can really help stop the dirt from reaching the beautiful stone floor. Special cleaners can also be used on stone flooring, just ask us what works best.

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