Porcelain Tiles of Mckinney, Tx

When you think of porcelain tiles, you probably instantly think of the bathroom sink and toilet. So why exactly is porcelain the go-to material for these items anyways? Well, there are a few different reasons. First, the water absorption rate is very low. All stones, no matter if it is composite made or a straight out of the ground stone, takes on some sort of water. Now, there are some more expensive stones that might take on a bit less, but these stones are considerably more expensive and even though bathing in a marble (for example) bathtub does sound nice, you probably don’t want to spend the 30 times the cost for marble. Beyond the water absorption rate, porcelain is also a very strong material. It does not absorb much water because it is not porous. Due to this, it is also stronger. If you are looking for a tile that is stronger than ceramic and extremely durable, porcelain tile services is the way to go.

Strong and Durable

Porcelain is one of the strongest materials you can use as a tile. This is what makes it great in the bathroom or the kitchen. It takes an impact far better than other tiles. If you have ever dropped something onto the kitchen floor, only to have the tile smash, chances are the tile is ceramic. By switching to porcelain, you will upgrade to a tile that is easy to clean, does not break as much, and is a valuable investment.

Installation Services

Now, if you are thinking about the porcelain tile flooring products, you do need to come to us for all of the installation needs. While the porcelain tile McKinney, TX products are more durable, it is far easier to cut and damage when measuring and altering the shapes of the tiles. Ceramic and other similar tiles are easier to cut because of the pours in the material. Without these pours, if the tile begins to splinter, the entire think breaks. If you try to cut the porcelain tiles on your own, it might drastically increase the cost of the installation. So, avoid this and come to us at Mckinney Flooring And Remodeling. We can make sure the porcelain tile floor installation is done properly and that the porcelain looks beautiful. You will be pleased with the final product and glad you went with this fine tile option. So, give us a call now.

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