Kitchen Backsplashes in Mckinney

Kitchen backsplashes in McKinney, TX are important part of protecting and caring for your kitchen counter and walls. Whatever materials your counter is made of, the kitchen backsplash goes behind the counter against the wall so that it sits between the counter and bottom of the cupboards. Traditionally, backsplashes are installed as a way to stop water from the sink from splashing onto the wall and making a dirty mess or leaving water stains on the paint or wallpaper. Backsplashes can be useful for built-in stovetops as well, to keep anything that splashes over or spits liquid from landing on the wall. One example of this is a tomato sauce, difficult to clean and very noticeable once it makes contact with walls.

Materials for Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes in McKinney, TX can install ceramic tile, glass, travertine, slate, metal, marble, and many more. Each material has its own unique benefits and pitfalls. Let us help you decide which material is the right look for your kitchen backsplash.

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of patterns and sizes, and these glazed tiles can be easy to clean and long-wearing. Although tile can be broken as it is a product of clay, glazed tiles on a backsplash can be a bright and cheerful addition to a kitchen which last for a good length of time.

Glass backsplashes are either colored tiles or sheets. Colored tiles may be cut roughly to resemble stained-glass windows, or smoothly and formed into square patterns. Sheets of glass as a backsplash can eliminate grout lines and offer a more light-producing reflective surface for your kitchen.

Travertine is a type of limestone, which is found in hot springs and looks a bit fibrous. It is often mounted to a wall as a backsplash with a mesh sheet behind it for stability and ease of installation. It comes in light colors and can be found alongside other materials in sheets of backsplash.

Slate kitchen backsplashes in McKinney, TX gives a natural, sometimes rugged look to a kitchen. Slate comes in natural, earth tone colors and can be cut to sizes, set in patterns, or enhanced with colorful ceramic tiles as accent points. Mosaic backsplashes are often well-achieved using slate. This tough natural rock is relatively light when cut as tile, and difficult to damage.

Metal backsplashes are durable and great for accenting beloved kitchen appliances, cooking pots, and wood colors. Brushed and non-reflective or polished and gleaming, metal is not just well known because of its industrial kitchen applications. Home kitchens can benefit from the metal’s ability to withstand heat, water, and more.

Marble Kitchen backsplashes in McKinney, TX can come in large sheets or smaller tiles. A marble kitchen backsplash is difficulty to chip or cut or damage, and does very well against daily use in the kitchen. With such a range of colors available for marble, this type of surface is popular for those who like an upscale look in the kitchen.

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