(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

4 Key Elements To Transform Your Garage Into A Full Functioning Living Space


McKinney Flooring and Remodeling SpecialsWith property values at a premium and home values skyrocketing through much of Texas, homeowners are looking to utilize every inch of the valuable square footage of their home. One of the most underutilized spaces in almost any home has traditionally been the garage. Long the domain of our cars, lawn and garden equipment and teenagers, today’s homeowners are using home improvement in Frisco, Tx to transform their garages into fantastic man caves, family entertainment spaces and luxurious teen hangout locales. Here are 4 things you need to turn your garage into a valuable extension of your home.

    1. Storage

      No matter what you choose to do with your garage, there are always going to be a number of things you will want or need to store there. From seasonal decorations to athletic equipment to lawn and garden equipment, the garage is still a primary storage area for many. Of course, if you have the yard space, you can always install a shed that houses these things so you can turn your garage into a living space, but for most people, they still need some garage storage. You can opt for simply DIY storage like shelves or pegboard storage, or you can have custom built cabinets installed by a professional home improvement company in Frisco, TX.

    2. Flooring

      Garage floors are often stained by a wide variety of fluids and chemicals. Things you probably don’t want to have tracked into your house. There are a wide variety of mats, sealants and finishes available for garages, that keep fluids from leaking down into the concrete. This means any spills or stains can quickly and easily be wiped up, so they don’t end up on shoes which end up walking into your kitchen or onto interior carpeting.

    3. Lighting

      When you don’t use your garage for much more than parking your car and seasonal gear, having a lot of lighting is not too important. If you want to use your garage for other activities, however, a space lit by a single lightbulb or single bank of fluorescent track lighting just isn’t going to cut it. There are a wide variety of ways to light your garage, depending on what you want to do with it and how you want to use it ranging from custom drop-down lighting banks to a wide range of string lights for a more festive flair for an entertainment space or teen hangout.

    4. Power

      No matter what you are using your garage for, from a man cave to a full-service garage to a place for your teen’s band to practice, you want to make sure and outfit your garage with plenty of power. You can do everything from having it rewired by a home improvement in Frisco, TX pro to purchasing plenty of extension cables and power strips.

The first step to maximizing your garage is to give it a good, thorough cleaning and then develop a plan for what you want to use it for. Once you have done that, it’s just a matter of implementing your plan. Whether you want to use your garage to host large family events or to rebuild classic cars – or both – there are a wide range of options available to transform your garage into a full-functioning living space.

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