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Facts About Hardwood Flooring for Home Buyers

Hardwood flooring in McKinney, TX


Nearly all home buyers have thought about the look of hardwood flooring in their future house. Many have looked at pictures of different hardwood floors and seen the varying colors, finishes and wood species. The work of finding the perfect selection is difficult, so to avoid making mistakes, know more facts about hardwood floors.

Types of Wood

Pre-finished wood is sanded and coated with several coats of protective resin. The wood is resistant to scratches, moisture and dust. Cleaning is easy on a sleek surface that does not soak in stains. The finish gives off a luster that makes the wood more elegant and attractive. Many home remodelers install pre-finished hardwood floors just to enhance the overall look of a patio or dining room.

Unfinished wood is more natural to people who dislike chemicals and want less conspicuous floors. They have the option to seal the surface at any time, and some prefer to do the work themselves.

Engineered wood floors is manufactured to meet high industry standards for strength and durability. The floors are found in homes, places of business and industrial settings, such as warehouses and factories. The materials support large amounts of weight and pressure, usually in public places that many people visit regularly.

Plywood is a common engineered wood consisting of plied layers. The wood comes from different types of trees like spruce, angiosperm, cedar and tropical varieties from Asia. Hardwood plywood is suitable for heavy traffic in homes, offices and industrial warehouses.

Professional Services

A hardwood floor lasts for decades with proper treatment. However, it’s necessary to know what qualifies as hardwood, and what does not because sellers use marketing tricks. Laminate and bamboo floors are not woods, and the materials are not as strong as hardwood.

Apply a finish to the floor surface whenever you want, and after a decade or so, install a new type of wood species to change the look. The beauty and versatility of your hardwood floor depends on the type of flooring provider. Look for specialists to handle the installation of your hardwood flooring in McKinney, TX.

Some buyers are more interested in recycled eco-friendly wood, while others are more interested in strength and durability. There is every type of hardwood floor made for every type of homeowner. The biggest benefit that you’ll do for yourself is to research all of your options. Complete the research before you browse through the different providers of hardwood flooring in McKinney, TX.

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