Granite Counter Top of McKinney, Tx

Granite Countertop of McKinneyKitchens and bathrooms are more often than ever being upgraded and updated with new granite countertop. This durable and natural stone offers many benefits to a home owner, whether granite is being installed in a new home or added to an existing bathroom or kitchen space. McKinney Flooring And Remodeling offers granite countertop installation services for all of your granite needs. Aside from its great looks, there are several reasons why granite countertops are taking such a prominent place in the construction industry.

1. Granite is natural

It is known as an igneous rock which formed from magma (underground lava). It is found everywhere on the planet and can be mined from the ground at granite quarries. Colors vary from dark to light and differences in between. Once granite is mined it is polished on one side for that semi-shiny, natural look we all love. Then it is cut into slabs and can be used in home projects such as the bathroom or kitchen counter. A granite countertop in McKinney, TX from Mckinney Flooring And Remodeling is a unique feature for your home.

2. Granite has the right properties

In addition to being very hard; granite can take a virtually unlimited amount of wear without showing damage. This is hardly surprising, considering that it comes from underground lava (magma) and was once liquid fire. It is extremely hard to scratch granite, and it won’t burn. It’s ok to set a cooking pot or pan directly onto a granite counter; it won’t char. A granite countertop in McKinney, TX from McKinney Flooring And Remodeling is also a type of counter on which you can cut things that you are preparing for a meal, and granite is considered sanitary because it does not harbor bacteria. Best of all, it’s easy to clean!

3. Granite is one of a kind

Because it is installed intact, each slab has one-of-a-kind properties. Colors can be matched, but the patterns and veining may be unique. It is nature’s original work of art on display in the places you love. Guests to your home may admire your granite countertop in McKinney, TX from McKinney Flooring And Remodeling, but you will be the only person who has that exact slab in all the world

4. You can afford granite

Although costs were once prohibitive, new tools and techniques have made it easier and more affordable than ever to have granite countertops. To give your home a modern and appealing look from bathroom to kitchen, consider a granite countertop in McKinney, TX from Mckinney Flooring And Remodeling.

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