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Carpet flooring may be the top choice of people in Van Alstyne and across the country. Most people choose carpeting for their home due to the warm, fuzzy feeling a lush carpeting can provide. After all, what’s better than spending the evening rolling around on a comfortable carpeted floor with the kids and pets? And now, with so many options available, the best carpet flooring in Van Alstyne, TX, at McKinney Flooring And Remodeling, can provide you with the carpeting of your dreams.

Carpet flooring is now available in stain resistant, wear resistant, and stain & wear resistant varieties with there being two basic types of loop pile carpet flooring available, Berber or Level Loop.

Berber Carpet Flooring
Large, uncut loops of fibers varying in size and usually of more subtle, natural tones usually comprise Berber carpet. Berber is most often constructed of nylon, wool, or olefin. Berber carpet will generally be denser than most other varieties of carpet flooring and are usually super stain resistant.

Level Loop Carpet Flooring
In most cases, level loop carpet flooring will be comprised of tufted, uncut loops of matching heights giving a seemingly much smoother surface than Berber carpet flooring.

Stain Resistant Carpet Flooring
There is absolutely no need to stress over minor spills when you select a stain resistant carpet flooring for your home. This carpet flooring is fiber washed, scotch guarded polyester and resists most stains, staying like new for many years under normal use.

Some of the most common applications for stain resistant carpet flooring include quiet, social gathering places normally with moderate to low traffic such as TV rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

Stain resistant carpet flooring is generally made using a polyester fiber.

Wear Resistant Carpet Flooring
You will probably find, if you have children and/or pets, that a wear resistant carpet flooring will be the best choice for you. This type of carpet flooring can resist matting and crushing. It is generally extensively tested for the highest traffic areas.

Wear resistant carpet flooring in Van Alstyne, TX will generally be found in areas that receive a lot of heavy traffic and use. Areas such as playrooms, living rooms, halls, and stairways.

You will probably find that most wear resistant carpet flooring is comprised of nylon fibers.

Stain & Wear Resistant Carpet Flooring
Stain & Wear Resistant Carpet Flooring offers such a notable durability and inherent stain and soil resistance, but does not sacrifice comfort and softness.

Wear and Stain resistant carpet flooring is generally found in such areas of the home that receive a lot of traffic. Virtually any area susceptible to spills and traffic such as dining rooms, and in some cases even kitchens.

You will probably find that most Stain & Wear Resistant Carpet Flooring is constructed of Triexta fibers. Triexta is the newest carpet fiber comprised of a synthetic blend developed by DuPont.

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