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Finding the Right Kitchen Backsplashes in McKinney


It is every womans dream to have a home with a kitchen in McKinney designed from her fantasies. Be it small and simple, or luxurious and spacious, a kitchen is the room in the house where she does her magic in providing good food for her family.

While it is the area where a woman may feel most at home, it is also the part of the house that is the most difficult to clean. This is where the kitchen backsplashes come in. More than a mere kitchen embellishment, a backsplash is a covering that protects the kitchen wall from splatters, spills, water stains and grease as a result of cooking.

Kitchen CircleIt usually covers the entire space from the top of the kitchen sink to the bottom of your kitchen shelves or cabinets. It is strategically located in the area to serve a greater purpose as it allows quick and easy cleaning.

Backsplashes are also aesthetically necessary to complete your kitchen ensemble because it enhances the look of the room. It can also serve as a unique focal point that sometimes gives the kitchen a dramatic effect especially when installed directly behind the stove in a spacious kitchen.

Materials Used for Backsplashes

Since its main purpose is to promote easy cleaning of the kitchen, backsplashes are usually made from easy-to-clean materials such as ceramic tile, travertine, glass, slate,metal, and marble. There are also some kitchens with backsplashes made of thermoplastic which is affordable yet elegant and durable.

“Tile is still the most popular backsplash material, with natural stone a fast-growing second. But with the right installer, you can make just about any material work,” 2013 National President of the National Kitchen and Bath Association President John Morgan explained.

Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen

It is important to look for the right kind of backsplash for your kitchen depending on the way you want to design it.

If your kitchen houses a soapstone countertop, the best backsplash material for you is reclaimed wood. It can also be matched with a bead board or butt boards. You may also try subway tiles, arts and crafts tiles, or a mixture of both to showcase your creativity.

Carrara marble can also provide a corresponding yang to the yin of the gray vein patterns of your soapstone sink. But of course, you can also play it safe by matching it with a backsplash made of the same material.

If your countertops are made of wood, you should go for backsplashes in McKinney that is made with subway, antique, or colored tiles. You may also use your creativity by using hand-painted or matching colored mosaic tiles.

You can also go for stacked stone backsplashes as well as matching wood materials. Tin tiles as well as stainless steel are also good backsplash choices for kitchens with wood counters. But if youre incredibly partial with marbles, you should choose Calacatta marbles because the vein patterns typical in these materials provide the cool in the warmth of the wood.

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